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I have super obsession with lips (fetish)

I fucks with HARRY POTTER, art, dank, mythical creatures, psychology, nature, LOTR, body mods, paranormal romance books, crime shows, weapons, boho lifestyle, The Hobbit, frozen lemonade, Johnny Depp, 90's music, and antique jewelry.

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Anonymous asked
If only I could take you out on an early morning stroll before sunrise. Grab coffee, watch the sun climb the horizon while we sit on a bench on the pier, listening to the serene ocean and waves gently caressing the beach, and hug goodbye.

I’m down! Sounds so lovely. You most definitely shouldn’t be anon.

Here my ass is trying to be nice wishing the ex a happy birthday and got hit with a “who is this” text. Ain’t going to lie that shit cut at first but it is what it is.

Anonymous asked
Can I sub dickprints and lips?

Sure can

Where’s my late night/early morning submissions? I miss them.

Come show me thangs.